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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the process of identifying keywords that will make your website users convert. It is the foundation of every SEO strategy and provides a passageway to success with building prime content to target the right audience. These keywords are carefully selected through platforms that provide data on keywords monthly searches and overall competitiveness. Through analyzing your site, our team determines which keyword works best for your audience and lays out the SEO strategy.
By the time we’ve completed our keyword research services, you’ll be able to select and utilize the most optimal keywords for your SEO, leading to more top search results and more consumers visiting your site. Effective search engine optimization starts with keywords, 95% of online experiences begin in the search box, and if you’re not properly incorporating the words and phrases your desired audience is searching for, you’re not bringing them to your site. Search engines are constantly evolving the algorithms they use to rank websites, but one thing always stays the same: the importance of keywords.
Smart marketers know that there’s no such thing as effective SEO without effective SEO keyword research. It’s something that should be done regularly to account for adapting search trends, otherwise you risk losing the attention of the exact people you are trying to reach. About half of the world’s population is on the internet, and there is a whole lot of competition vying for their clicks. If you fail to properly optimize your keywords, you’ll be getting a significantly smaller piece of the pie (or worse, none at all).
Professional SEO keyword Research

The internet provides your business with an amazing opportunity to reach consumers within and outside of your local market. Effective online advertising is all about optimizing your web presence so that you can reach your desired audience before your competition does. And that requires figuring out exactly what it is they are searching for.

Our agency experts understand the keyword landscape in and out and we’ll figure out the most valuable keywords for your website and/or business in order to get you higher in the search engine rankings and turn your traffic into sales.

Once you know what your optimal keywords are, you can get to work incorporating them into your content, headers. This is incredibly important to do, since a well-placed keyword can make the difference between showing up at the top of the search rankings & not showing up at all.

Determining keyword Value

In addition to identifying the best keywords for your individual business, our SEO experts will also narrow down the list so that you can focus solely on the keywords that will make the biggest difference in your search presence. We do this by combining our own expertise with important data about your website, audience, and competition. Based on what we learn, we’re able to put together a list of keywords that will go the furthest toward improving your search engine ranking and bringing your site more traffic.

A common misconception many people make when doing their own keyword research is assuming that the goal is to rank the highest for the most common search query related to their industry (for example: focusing efforts on the keyword “dog food” if that’s what they’re selling). But the world of keywords is a bit more nuanced than that.

Most keyword phrases are unique strings of words that more accurately convey exactly what an individual is searching for. “Cheapest organic dog food” may statistically get fewer searches than “dog food” alone, but it’s more likely to lead to converting traffic.

To truly understand the value of a particular keyword, you need to understand a number of key factors around it, in particular the ability of the phrase to attract the right kind of searchers, the work required to achieve a high ranking for that particular phrase, and the demand around it. It’s a lot to take on, which is why we offer dedicated keyword research services that do the digging for you and supply you with a fully customized list of optimized keywords.

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